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Landscape Projects has developed a reputation for innovative and attractive parks and open spaces. The practice has been closely involved in the new wave of parks associated with recent urban regeneration initiatives in many of our major cities including Manchester and Sheffield, and has been shortlisted in several park design competitions.

Through research and experience the practice has developed an understanding of how people interact in open space; how they can find a sense of tranquillity in a busy city, and how spatial design can encourage interaction and promote social cohesion.

High quality park and open spaces have a direct impact on land values; at Hulme Park, for example, CABE, in its publication “Does Money grow on Trees?” (2003) shows that the park has a significant effect in property value.

The principles of safe, secure design, where careful consideration of visibility and passive surveillance influence design decisions, has resulted in very low levels of anti-social behaviour. For example, in Hulme Park, a previously notorious district, no recordable crime took place during all of 2004. For this, and other reasons, Landscape Projects work is cited by the Design Council, CABESpace and Secure by Design as “best practice”.

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