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Project name: Adamstown Parks

Location: Dublin

The Adamstown parks competition represented an opportunity to explore the role of park design in making suburban development work as a modern social setting. The challenge at Adamstown was to take the park beyond an exercise in greening and form making; it attempted to show how special places could emerge out of ubiquity. The role of the parks was to dramatise the suburban framework of Adamstown: Drama Through Extremes.

Adamstown SDZ is a rapidly developing suburb in the west of Dublin. Landscape Projects' entry for the international competition to design two parks in the area centred on an understanding of the nature of suburbia. That is of a desirable place to live that frames a particular way of living. The low density and reliance on an individualised lifestyle lead the design to attempt to input an intensity, contrast and a centre to the town that would provide for those emotions lacking in suburban developments.

The parks are different and opposing, one intense and packed with programmatic organisers, whilst the other is open and uncluttered allowing for a wider range of experiences to be obtained within Adamstown.

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