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Project name: Waulk Mill

Location: Ancoats, Manchester

Client: Urban Splash

Completed: 2003

Architecture: Total Architecture Architects

QS: Simon Fenton Partnerships

The Ancoats area of Manchester was built in the early Industrial Revolution as the worlds first Industrial suburb. It featured a dense development of steam powered mills, connected by an intricate network of canals. Waulk Mill was the first mill to be restored in what has become a significant urban renewal project, which aims to establish a new Urban Village. Working with Total Architecture and client Urban Splash, Landscape Projects developed a courtyard landscape incorporating a breakout space, shelter, clipped tree framework and secure car park. The design uses contemporary materials in ways which are sympathetic with the historic building and its context. The project is now fully let, and is the home of the New Islington Visitors Centre. It won a RIBA Award for Architecture in 2003.

Waulk Mill panorama.jpg
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