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Project name: Skyhooks

Location: Trafford Park, Manchester

Client: Trafford Park Development Corporation

Completed: 1997

Value: £400,000

Landscape Projects was commissioned by Trafford Park Development Corporation to develop a series of landmark features, to increase the presence of the Park. Several projects were realised including Cerestar Gateway and Skyhook Gateway.

The Cerestar project developed as a result of a new bridge access to Trafford Park over the Manchester Ship Canal. Landscape Projects worked with the neighbouring industrial complex, Cerestar, to develop screen, comprising a mega-graphic of their logotype and text.

At the skyhook project, Landscape Projects worked with artist Brian Fell to develop a pair of 18m steel 'skyhooks' mounted on a disrupted landscape, which made a reference to the massive scale of engineering carried out in the industrial park, and the dockside context of the piece.

The project shows the ability of the practice to create memorable artwork collaborations, and project manage implementation of complex contracts around working facilities.

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