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Project name: Floral Hall

Location: Southport

Client: Neptune Developments

Completed: 2008

Value: £960,000

Architects: NJSR

Landscape Projects were commissioned to design the landscape surrounding a new leisure development in Southport. The site, located on the coast, offered significant difficulties and opportunities. Situated at the landward edge of the newly regenerated pier, Landscape Projects used their understanding of wayfinding and connectivity to create a legible piece of townscape that connected the site into the main areas of pedestrian activity.

Pedestrian comfort was crucial to the success of this project and clever use of planting and orientation allowed pedestrians to be sheltered from the worst of the wind and rain, whilst allowing fine views out over the sea and inland inlets.

Constructing public spaces by the seaside is a particular challenge; Landscape Projects have developed innovative ways to make use of pre-fabrication in landscape Southport, the curved steps and walls were made off-site in pre-cast concrete, and hoisted into place, thereby avoiding the complexity and potential delays of tradition”wet” construction during winter months.

With harsh maritime climates such as at Southport, the choice of planting was critical. Our experience in selecting and combining planting that would not only survive, but flourish has created a beautiful and welcoming location and has been an important addition to the regeneration of this northwest seaside destination.

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