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Project name: Chimney Pot Park

Client: Urban Splash

Date: 2005

Landscape Projects came second place in the competition, lead by Urban Splash, for the design of Chimney Pot Park in Salford.

Raised 5m above the surrounding streets through the parks location on top of an old reservoir the defining feature is the massive brick walls along its edge. Its height and its walls are clearly its greatest asset however they are also the cause of many of the parks problems with anti-social behaviour. Our proposal sought to break down the wall in a series of locations to maximise views into the park and create a transitional space, full of activity, along the parks boundary.

The park design brought together a number of important formal elements including fields, gardens and walks within a loose framework that would enable wider community involvement in the design; creating a unique, contemporary park with a high level of social and community value.

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