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Project name: Beckside Park

Location: Bradford

Client: Bradford Centre Regeneration

Landscape Projects has been commissioned by Bradford Centre Regeneration to produce a feasibility study for the creation of a new park within the centre of Bradford. The concept for the park has emerged from the masterplan vision for Bradford. It is intended that the new landscape will contribute to the city's renewal and act as a focus for regeneration, and as an attractive and distinctive landscape.

The park is intended to follow the route of Bradford Beck, a watercourse that has been culverted and hidden from view through the development of the city centre. The ides for the park is to create a continuous and walkable route from the city centre. The culverted Beck will be opened to make it a visible amenity for the public.

The park has been divided into four zones reflecting the contrasting characters of the urban landscape. The zones provide guidelines for adjacent development plots and the series of spaces reflect a change in the character of the water.

The outline design proposals have been developed alongside a cost model and a detailed strategy.

GA_whole site.JPG
A3_beckside_rev A .jpg
a.valley sect-persp.jpg
axo orchard.jpg
axo valley.jpg
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