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Project name: Rochdale Gateways & Corridors Study

Client: Rochdale Development Agency

Engineer: Stockley

Public Art: Working pArts

Landscape Projects, working with Martin Stockley Associates and Working pArts were commissioned by the Rochdale Development Agency to develop a strategy that would fundamentally re-brand the borough leading to its further regeneration.

A detailed study of the region highlighted a multi-modal structure each area with a strong local character. These are connected through a series of important movement corridors, which in turn provide a number of gateways that mark the borough.

The strategy aimed to provide a coherent structure and legibility to the borough through detailed proposals to create an integrated corridor hierarchy of Motorway, Parkway, Boulevard and High St. These combined with a gateway hierarchy of Regional, Strategic and Local gateways. Through the melding together of this structure with highway improvements and art lead themes such as Name, Myth, Landscape and Culture, a number of detailed proposals were produced.

The detailed proposals varied according to the hierarchical structure and provided designs for new public squares, landmark buildings, development opportunity sites, art installations and landscape alterations that revealed the hidden qualities of the borough.

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