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Project name: St Georges

Location: Manchester

Client: Urban Splash

Completed: 2002

Value: £450 000

Architect: Glenn Howell Architects, Shed KM

Landscape Projects worked with developers Urban Splash and their architects Glenn Howells and Shed KM to transform a formerly industrialised canalside site into mixed-use, live-work space.

The landscape of the development is organised around the two elements of the canalside, and the new road, Worsley Street. Where the canalside links to public spaces elsewhere in Castlefield, including Dukes 92, a new market space designed and implemented by Landscape Projects, the street links a variety of levels and buildings to form a new parade.

The waterside landscape re-uses traditional canalside materials of stone setts, blue clay pavers, cinders, the sandstone coping stones and the cast iron of the bridges, but in ways which reflect their inherent qualities; the pavers are laid orthogonally, and cinders are used to make up the edges.

The project shows the ability of the practice to create waterside landscapes in difficult conditions, and project manage implementation of complex contracts around working facilities.

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