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Project name: Whitefield

Location: Nelson, Lancashire

Clients: R-Gen, Pendle Borough Council & English Heritage

Architect: Macreanor Lavington, John McCall architects

Urban Design: City Lab

Engineering: Scott Hughes Design

QS: Simon Fenton Partnerships


Landscape Projects alongside Maccreanor Lavington, CityLab and R-Gen gained the first prize in the international competition to revive the historically important area of Whitefield in Nelson, Lancashire.

The concept of 'Future Heritage' retaining those elements that are historically relevant to the conservation area, whilst redesigning those elements that are not, lead to the design of a district that is both historic, legible and desirable to live in today and tomorrow. A new public space carefully inserted within the historic fabric will tie area with the town centre and provide a much needed amenity space for those living there. The rear alleys are to be converted into lush and green, communal areas whilst the streets retain their hard and historical appearance.

The public space is also to be fully functional, containing heat and electricity production and storage facilities for the district. This will create one the most sustainable communities in the UK and the initial design has lead to Landscape Project being commissioned to provide a public realm framework for the entire conservation area for English Heritage and Pendle Borough Council.

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