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Project name: West Bar

Location: Sheffield

Client: Castlemore Securities

Urban Design: Urbed

Architect: Glenn Howells, Aedas, Jestico & Whiles

Engineer: Buro Happold

Landscape Projects in collaboration with Castlemore, Urbed and Glenn Howells Architects have generated a distinctive masterplan for the regeneration of this riverside quarter in Sheffield. West Bar currently marks the transition between the historic city and industrial valley bottom. The scheme aims to connect the city centre with previously isolated areas of the city to the northwest.

The masterplan establishes a framework of buildings which define the public realm. There are two distinct types of space. The heart of the district is the ‘citadel’ where the streets and long square are carved out of the dense building fabric encouraging visual connections and supports walking routes through the district. The public realm surrounding the ‘citadel’ completes a network of linked spaces, producing attractive spaces that connect the new district with its surroundings. Water has been used to animate the public realm, the changing character and form of the water will create identity and distinctiveness of the different spaces.

The masterplan was submitted to Sheffield City Council Planning Department in August 2007.

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