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People as the Generator

People like other people; we are a social animal, enjoying the company and stimulation of others. Our towns and cities reflect this deep-seated aspect of ourselves; the quality of our public spaces shapes our society. At the same time we appreciate tranquility. The deep satisfaction that we derive from time spent in contact with nature is just as important to us as contact with other people.

Landscape Projects are an award winning firm of landscape architects and designers, concerned that our society has the best possible public spaces and landscapes; we are passionately convinced that the quality of public space matters. Public space is the meeting ground of an increasingly individual society; in the face of single lifestyles, individual travel, and the explosion of private social media, our streets, squares, parks and gardens are where we find a sense of social connection; the home of our society and our community. Good design matters because no-one will use badly designed public spaces; they feel dangerous, distant, untidy, eventually becoming windswept and empty.


Place Making as an Art

As a practice we have spent time examining what makes successful places. We find there are common threads. The best spaces are well connected and they fit well with the way people use them; whether for shopping or walking or sitting or talking, or just looking. They are comfortable, they have shelter, feeling safe and overlooked. They have a beauty, through the shape, colours and textures, plants, water, paving and light. Above all they have a special quality, a particularity which makes a distinctive “place”. We believe that as a practice, we understand how to design these successful places.

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