Scott's proposal for the West elevation of the Cathedral

Project name: Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Completed: 2017

Landscape Projects has experience of preparing masterplans in sensitive

landscape settings such as Cathedrals which enhance historic sites and ensure a sustainable future.

Neil Swanson, in his capacity as a member of the Cathedral Fabric Advisory

Committee is leading an initiative to develop a masterplan for the precinct at Liverpool Cathedral, the first since the last phase of construction was completed in the 1980’s.

The masterplan respects the Conservation Management Plan for the Cathedral, and is grounded in the ethos of George Gilbert Scott, the Architect who devoted his life-work to the design of Liverpool Cathedral. While his dramatic vision for a colossal building on a ridge high above the city has been realised, his precinct plan was never completed. Taking Scott’s ethos as a starting point, the masterplan identifies the need for improvements to the arrival at the west front, rationalisation of car parking and the softening of the immense windswept piazza through the careful placement of sheltering trees and hedges.

The masterplan was drawn up in collaboration with staff, estates and

chapter members and incorporates contemporary requirements for visitor

access by coach and shuttle bus. The masterplan will be used to prioritise

future projects and funding bids.

Proposed entrance

Existing entrance

Scott's unrealised vision for the South porch entrance

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