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Project name: RHS Bridgewater

Location: Salford

Client: Royal Horticultural Society

Planning permission: Summer 2017

Landscape Projects is experienced in the planning of landscapes for visitor destinations in sensitive historic landscape settings.


The Worsley New Hall estate was once the home of the Duke of Bridgewater, a pioneer of the industrial revolution, who used his wealth to create a magnificent garden and hall on a site on the western fringe of Manchester, in Salford.


The garden included terraces and fountains designed by Nesfield, as well as a lake and an enormous walled garden. The site is now abandoned and sadly overgrown


The Royal Horticultural Society has selected this site for a new horticultural garden and associated visitor facilities, which will initially focus on the Walled Garden, and the provision of visitor



Landscape Projects was commissioned as part of the project team to develop the Phase 1 landscape designs for inclusion in the Planning Application submitted in winter 2016.


The proposals included the landscape infrastructure (drainage / attenuation,

naturalistic landscape infrastructure as well as access road, car park and the design of the Curators Garden and northern greenhouse gardens.

The landscape proposals draw on the special setting of the site, which is situated between the Lancashire Plain to the north, and the open mossland landscape to the south to create an

attractive setting for the new development.


The proposals were granted planning consent in summer 2017.

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