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Project name: Fleetwood Memorial Park

Location: Fleetwood, Lancashire

Memorial Park is the primary public place at the heart of Fleetwood on the Fylde coast in Lancashire. Landscape Projects have worked with Wyre Borough Council, local residents and stakeholders, to develop proposals to renew the park, making it fit for the 21st century, while respecting its unique history.

Planned and designed by Lord Abercrombie in the early 20th century as a centre-piece of his ambitious plans to expand the fishing port of Fleetwood, the Park was built on low lying ground which once formed the sand-dune coastline. The Park was completed in
the 1920’s after it was designated as a Memorial Park, one of the first of its kind in the country, to commemorate the dead of the first world war. By the end of the century, the park was neglected and poorly drained and adhoc additions had obscured the clarity of the original axial design.

Landscape Projects led a multi-disciplinary team of Conservation Architects, Landscape Architects and engineers in a design engagement process, sharing with local residents and stakeholders the unique story of the Park, its artwork and hidden features.
This formed the basis for a HLF bid, which was successful in late 2013.

The development of the new park plan in such a special and sensitive setting involved considerable consultation with numerous stakeholders, including English Heritage, local civic and design panels and interest groups.

The park refurbishment is now under way, and will lead to the transformation the relationship between the park and the towns people. Completion is anticipated in 2015.

The Park project demonstrates  Landscape Projects' experience and abilities in coordinating a complex projects involving input from a wide range of stakeholders, in a prominent and sensitive setting.

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