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Project name: Bury New Road, Manchester

Client: Manchester City Council

Completed: 2002

Landscape Projects were commissioned in May 2000 to lead a consultant team to prepare a programme of environmental improvements to Bury New Road, Manchester.

Landscape Projects carried out an urban design analysis which studied how the road functions as a component of the city as a whole, and identified key regeneration opportunities. This study also generated a set of conceptual ideas about the meaning and ‘genus loci’ of the place which have been used to guide the design development of the external spaces.

The project required extensive liaison with the local business community in order to establish and prioritise their specific needs. The regeneration package devised by Landscape Projects is split into two areas of work. The first focuses on the upgrading of the streetscape, including new surfaces, security measures, street lighting, tree planting and artworks. The second targets funding in the form of grant aid to improve the appearance of buildings which front the street. The grants covered items such as new shop fronts, upgraded security shutters and signage rationalisation.

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