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Project name: Waldron Health Centre

Client: Building Better Health

Completed: 2010

Architect: Henley Halebrown Rorrison

Structural Engineer: Price & Myers

Environmental Engineer: Ramboll

QS: David Langdon

The Waldron Health Centre is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the UK. In addition to housing a variety of healthcare activities it intended as a focus for the local community. Its presence on a main road and alongside New Cross train station makes it something of a local landmark.

The external works consist of a new public square at front of the health centre; an internal courtyard and connections back to the existing surrounding streets. A robust design was required for the external spaces open to the public; seating plinths and shade trees offer opportunity for the public to interact with the space whilst bollards and the seating plinths prevent unauthorised vehicular access. The urban quality of the surrounding neighbourhood is reflected in the use of bold patterns of resin bonded gravel over the predominantly bitmac surfaces.

The building won the Best Primary Care Design category in the Building Better Healthcare Awards 2008.

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