chorley town centre
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Project Name: Chorley Town Centre
Client: Chorley Borough Council
Completed: 2009

Engineers: Stockley
QS: Simon Fenton Partnership

Landscape Projects were appointed to carry out an audit of the town centre and produce a Town Centre Design Strategy. The purpose of the audit was to provide guidance to the Borough in identifying and prioritising actions which will bring about worthwhile and lasting improvements to make an attractive setting for a café culture and the evening economy as well as temporary markets, and a thriving retail environment.

The audit included a "Placecheck" day in the town centre where residents and shop keepers were invited to give their opinions on the town centre at a mobile exhibition manned by Landscape Projects staff.

The Design Strategy identified a series of projects to support the Borough's Vision Statement over a period of 5 years, one of which was the Flat Iron Marketplace. A Design Study is currently being undertaken by Landscape Projects to enhance the marketplace in tandem with proposed development of the existing retail area.

The Audit and Design Strategy has been formally adopted by the Borough.